I want to start by saying that when you first get started in the personal development/self help or law of attraction (your choice on what you call it) we have to get a firm understanding on how important the repetition of the information we receive is to help us re program our sub conscious mind.

Back in 2016 I was on the search for more in life and why others were able to achieve and have so much than me, after all I was smart and owned my own company and life was good and I was living an ok life. As I scurried around and tried to get all the info I could by going to thrift book stores and buying books for 25 cents or a buck, and searching and watching hours of you tube videos I found this out that it’s the repetition of the same information over and over. I was told to read the same book again and again and I thought to myself how stupid is that after all why the heck would why to read or watch a video again after I had already watched or read it.

There were certain patterns I had started to see in the books I had bought and it was that all these books got underlined and dog eared and high lighted in the first chapter or two but after that they were like brand new. Then i heard good ole Tony Robbins say how many people buy non fiction books and how many actually get past chapter one (I was shocked) but I continued on and then came across a you tube video of a man named Bob Proctor there is a free series of you were born rich that was in three parts and 3 hours long per part but it was free and I watched daily and read daily and signed up for any newsletters or free surveys or info online I could because I knew that seeing my inbox full and the reading and video watching would start to imprint on my sub conscious mind and it did just that and I will be forever grateful, my life today after a short 4 years is unrecognizable compared to then and I keep going up daily.

To learn more of how I did what I’ve done in life and the barriers I had to hurdle over you might want to get my at attheedgeofdeath.com I have so much information to share with you and more importantly I would love to do it because I know there are millions of people out there who have curiosity I did and still do. On my website menu there is a free top ten things you can do as of now to help so please view and there is even a download and print tab at bottom.

Wishing you a great weekend and don’t worry about money just start with what you’ve got and when riches begin to come they will come so fast you will wonder where they have been hiding all those lean years says the world famous Napoleon Hill the author of Think and grow rich.

Chad reynolds