So many people these days talk about positive thing and I’m here to tell you that after studying the mind and law of attraction I have figured out just why positive thinking alone does not work.


  The conscious mind is responsible for approx 5% of our action in life that causes our results and with that being said it is the subconscious mind that consumes the whopping 95%.

  So thinking positive alone will take responsibilty for a small part of our actions in life but when learn how to rewire our sub conscious mind with thoughts of how we want life and ourselves to be we start to tap into that 95%.

Just sit and think what it would be like to have both sides working for us on a daily basis 5% conscious and 95% subconscious working together to deliver what you want in life. Click on my bonus gift above to get a list of ten things you can start doing today to rewire your sub conscious and and think positive.